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More About Our Flavored Honey

We have perfected several varities of flavored honeys. Here’s a quick look at the sweet mouth-watering flavors of honey we have available. With this many flavors to choose from, you will have the perfect honey to go with any food.

blueberries used to make flavored honeyBlueberry — A blueberry lover’s dream, Browning’s blueberry creamed honey blends the best natural ingredients to create an exquisite taste experience you will find utterly fantastic! Blueberry honey is made with the nectar gathered by bees from blueberry flowers. Doubly enhance the flavor of your favorite blueberry muffins with this outstanding honey spread and watch your family smile with this delicious treat! Plus you’ll get some of the health benefits provided by the blueberries.

Chokecherries used to make flavored honeyChokecherry — Browning’s chokecherry creamed honey is prepared with all-natural ingredients to produce a flavor sensation quite unlike anything you’ve ever tried before! We add just the right combination of tart and sweet, you will savor every mouthful and find it nearly impossible to stop dipping! It makes a delicious natural sweetener for many different items like tea, rolls, or anything else you decide to try it with. Not to mention that it would make an excellent gift.

Cinnamon used to make flavored honeyCinnamon — There’s a reason cinnamon honey butter is so popular — it goes with just about everything. Warm and wonderful, Browning’s cinnamon creamed honey is a splendid mix of flavor beyond compare! Made with all-natural ingredients, it adds a dash of spice to breakfast toast, muffins, and hotcakes, or try drizzling some on your favorite baked treat in place of frosting…simply magnificent! Grab your cinnamon honey today and make your own homemade cinnamon honey butter.

White Creamed HoneyCreamed — Pure, Grade A natural, raw, unfiltered clover honey, prepared with Browning’s exclusive process to create the finest creamed honey you will find in the local area or anywhere else! Presented in our exquisite imported Italian glass gift jars — each jar is embossed with raised honeycomb bands and is capped with a honeycomb-patterned gold foil lid. We believe this is the best creamed honey there is.

Hazelnut used to make flavored honeyHazelnut — Hazelnut lovers rejoice! Browning’s hazelnut-infused creamed honey brings home supreme hazelnut flavor in fabulous style! The finest ingredients available are combined to bring a rich and satisfying experience to your table. Smooth some over your next hot biscuit and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about! Just don’t leave it left out on the counter or when you return, there might not be any left. Share this honey at your own risk. Bon appetit!

Huckleberries used to make flavored honeyHuckleberry — Our most popular of our honey varieties, Browning’s huckleberry creamed honey is made with the finest natural ingredients to produce a burst of flavor that transports you to the mountainsides of the intermountain west, midsummer…when the huckleberry bushes are fragrant, full, and ripe for the picking! Enjoy this unique taste with this marvelous spread. Our customers repeatedly tell us that our huckleberry honey has a more abundant and authentic huckleberry taste than any other huckleberry product they have tasted.

Jalapeno — Kick things up a bit with Browning’s sensational Jalapeno creamed honey! This is a fun flavor to add to your honey. You might even suspect that the bees were eating raw jalapenos as they produced this honey. Fabulous on grilled corn on the cob, cornbread, or in place of mustards and sauces on ham or baked chicken, the mild yet spicy flavor of the peppers really comes through in a new and marvelous way. Try some and create your own flavor fiesta today…Ole!!

Peaches used to make flavored honeyPeach — You can capture the mouthwatering, juicy goodness of a tender, fresh peach in every bite with Browning’s creamy peach infused honey. It will bring you back to memories of those perfect juicy peaches that you love so much. This is one of our most popular honeys. Get yours today and find out why when you add some over your morning toast or muffin or any other breakfast food and start the day off right! Your taste buds will thank you.

Pomegranate — In arguably one of the most delectable of fruits out there, pomegranates are also one of the most difficult to eat! But they do make one of the most delectable honeys. Now you can savor all of that wonderful taste with Browning’s creamy pomegranate honey. Enjoy some with your favorite warm bread, or in your tea for an exquisite, one-of-a-kind flavor sensation that is a combination of delicious and good for you. How can you beat that?

Raspberries used to make flavored honeyRaspberry — Browning’s raspberry-creamed honey is reminiscent of bygone days in grandma’s raspberry patch. Created using the finest natural ingredients available, it is a festival of unsurpassed flavorful delight! Satiate your raspberry passion with this amazing raspberry infused honey spread! It’s delicious and one of our most fragrant honeys — with an extremely enjoyable scent like that of a beautiful flower. Order yours today and you will be in for a tremendous treat.

Strawberry-Rhubarb — Take your senses on a fantastic trip to the countryside where your grandma serves up a warm slice of her very own, homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie … the delightful blend of sweet-tart goodness in every mouthful of our amazingly creamy strawberry-rhubarb honey will transport you there again and again! You’ll treasure the memories as it melts on your palate and makes your next honey treat the best you’ve ever tasted — leaving you coming back for more.

With so many choices available, from raw honey to flavored honey, how do you know what to choose? You’ll find more helpful information in our Buzz Blog, Kid’s Corner, and here you will have access to so much more honey-related info. We’ve got everything from recipes to facts to beauty tips to information about the bees that produce this delicious treat. Give us a call to order your honey products today!

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