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Frequently Asked Questions

Creamed honey is 100% pure, select, raw honey that has granulated then whipped or folded to produce a soft, smooth, and creamy texture.

We do not add anything to our creamed honey and nothing is removed.  The finest grades of honey are used in the creaming process, which produces the smooth, creamy texture.

Yes!  Customers may bring in containers any day that we are open, and you do not need to make an appointment.  Containers must be clean, dry, and sealable and must not exceed 5 gallons in capacity, for safe handling.  There may be a wait, depending on the quantity you are purchasing.

Except for our flavored honey, all of our honey products are raw, natural, and unfiltered.  Our honey is warmed, not pasteurized, to a temperature that allows it to pass through a particle strainer, but not a filter.  Pollen particles are not removed from the honey in this process.

Prior to bottling our liquid honey is gently warmed to 140 degrees to give it fluid consistency, and allow it to pass through a strainer. 

Creamed honey with both natural, and/or artificial flavoring and color added. Try our flavored honey here.

Yes it does, most varieties of pure, raw honey will do this after a period.  However, we warm our honey before selling it in our gift shop or online to delay this natural process for a couple months.

We do!  We often carry baskets in our store.  You can also create custom gifts baskets with items you choose. 

You can sample any of our honey!  We also have small samples jars available for purchase.

We will ship anywhere serviced by USPS, UPS or FEDEX.

We already offer our honey at a competitive price, so no further discount is available.

You can submit your CV at any time to

Yes.  If you bring in your own containers, we can fill most requests.  We also sell honey in a variety of sizes up to 48 pounds (4gallon) buckets in our store. 

All of our honey is extracted at our facility located in Jamestown, North Dakota.   All honey is processed and packaged at our facility located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Our beehives are loaded into winter storage buildings in Eastern Idaho until February when they are shipped to California to perform vital pollination services for fruit and nut growers. 

We do not bottle or maintain a store in Jamestown.  During the harvest period, which is July through October, unprocessed, fresh honey is available at the honey farm.  Call 701-252-9033 or email for more information. 

We’ve seen a lot of changes and challenges in the world of bees over the last century. As land use changes, advances in agriculture, rural development, and consumer demand continue to reshape the world for bees and beekeepers, Browning’s Honey has invested in research, innovation, and technology to tip the scales back in the bees favor. With a strong commitment to cutting edge research, stewardship, and next generation habitat Browning’s Honey Co. has become an industry leader in the effort to save the bees, and this vital industry.


You can help the bees too!  Support your local beekeeper by buying local honey.  You can also plant a pollinator garden or even just reduce mowing and spraying plants that bloom in your yard or property.  Dandelions get a bad rap, but they are a wonderful flower for bees.  Also, be careful with pesticides, especially on or around blooming plants, trees and shrubs.

Our bees are kept primarily on private property, including ranches, farms and other land in Eastern Idaho and Eastern North Dakota. 

Locally produced honey will likely contain minute amounts of pollen from the plants and trees commonly occurring in the area.

The most common use for bee pollen is to help improve seasonal allergies such as hay fever.  It has also been shown to help regulate the immune system, promote wound healing, reduce the risk of heart disease, and help with asthma.

Beeswax can be used as a lubricant and a waterproofing agent, a polish for wood or leather, making candles and various cosmetics, for beeswax food wraps, and as an artistic medium in encaustic painting.

We do!  Various sized are available for purchase.

We do not offer tours, however, we do offer information presentation at our Idaho Falls location for church groups, families, and schools.  Please call 208-523-3692 or email to schedule your presentation or for more information.

Honeycomb is a natural product made by honeybees to store honey in the hive.  It consists of hexagonal cells made from beeswax which are filled with raw honey.  There is a great variety of ways to enjoy comb honey.  Some of the most popular ways to eat it are on toast or crackers.  It pairs well with meats and cheese.  You can also just eat it!  The beeswax is edible.

We accept all major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, cash, venmo and paypal. 

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