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Five generation family honey production & pollination operation.


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Honey bees are a critical component of agricultural. As honey bees visit blossoms to gather the nectar and pollen necessary for their survival, they help agricultural crops, home gardens and wildlife habitats flourish.


  • Best honey we've ever tasted. Also love the berry blends. Raspberry honey is a favorite!

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    Otter Raven
  • Best honey ever. This is the only honey I use for all my creations.

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    Christina Macfarlane
  • I've eaten Browning's Honey most of my life. It's the BEST!!! (The only time I didn't was when I lived in other states and it wasn't available...and I MISSED it!!!) Thank you to the Browning family for continuing to provide the most amazing honey!!!

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    Yalon Reneau Yandle
  • Great honey at a great price

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    Michael Caudill
  • This is absolutely the best honey there is! The cream honey is my favorite but all of their products are excellent. Customer service is great and employees are knowledgeable. You can bring in your own clean containers and they will fill them and you get a discount. Consistency and flavor is exceptional!

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    Suellen Fellows Warmoth
  • Love this honey it's the absolute best I use it for my tea their lotion is also amazing havent tried many of the other products.

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    Susana Yanez
  • Love this place. Great honey and prices

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    Sue Smith
  • Honey is amazing

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    Brittnie Merrill
  • Great and prompt service

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    Marilyn VanErem
  • I'm from Dallas and have to go to Browning's when I'm in Idaho, and even order from Dallas!!

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    Sharon Buck
  • the best variety of honey I have found. and the quality is better for baking and cooking then cox's honey.

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    Jeremiah Adcock
  • Amazing selection of honey and other related products. Raspberry and Huckleberry are both great!!!

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    Wal Little
  • Great honey, bring your own bottle 2.50 a pound, great price

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    Jan Roberts
  • Awesome place to get delicious raw or flavored honey!

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    Jodie Venter
  • Dang good honey, ready for more

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    Jesse Jephson
  • world's greatest honey and the people that run it... as delightful as the honey

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    Spencer Gilbert
  • This cozy honey shop might be out of the way but well worth the visit, i love it every time I come.

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    Camille L. Jamison
  • Best honey in the area.

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    DiAnn Simon
  • Brownings honey is the only Honey we get! It's beats any other honey I have ever tasted in the stores!! Amazing staff and honey!

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    Jordan Anne
  • I always take my own pint jars and have them fill it with creamed honey. It's $2.50 per pound which is cheaper than in the grocery store. Plus, I also know that it's local honey and so it's really good for us.

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    Sue Tomlinson

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