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Buy Clover Honey

Looking to buy clover honey or creamed clover honey? Look no further!

Browning’s Honey Co., Inc. is a family-owned honey production and sales operation that has been in business since 1921. Now in our 5th generation of beekeeping, we know the business of honey. Clover honey is a light to medium amber color, mild-tasting honey produced in many states in the intermountain and midwest. It is very traditional honey and works well for all applications from cooking to table use. Creamed clover honey is the same honey in a different form. When clover honey is extracted from the comb, it begins to crystalize right away. When it becomes solid, it can then be “spun” in a process that beats the sugar crystals until they are very fine and smooth. This creates spreadable honey that is thick and creamy in its consistency. Nothing is added during this process, and nothing is taken away.  

Clover creamed honey is a delectable treat. If cooking with honey, it is recommended that you buy clover honey that has been liquified, or warmed to make it in a liquid state, for ease of use. Liquid honey blends better into recipes and is much easier to measure. (Hint: spray your measuring vessel with non-stick cooking spray prior to measuring the honey.) At Browning’s Honey, we are vigilant about handling our honey with great care. We prepare our liquid honey at lower temperatures to ensure that all of the good things nature puts into the honey are protected and intact when you purchase it from us. This also preserves the beautiful color and flavor of the honey. Buy clover honey and creamed clover honey from us and be certain that you are getting the cream of the crop in every bottle!

We also produce other types of delicious honey. Some that we think you might love include star thistle honey, and any of our flavored honeys.

Enjoy Clover Honey

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