Honey Stick

The funnest treat ever invented! Pure honey in a straw! Bite the end to pop it open and savor the contents. Color and flavors added, except for natural clover. Mix and match flavors.

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Honey Sticks for Sale

When you buy honey sticks, look for the best!  When Browning’s decided to offer honey sticks to our customers, we did just that.  We found what we were looking for from the originator of honey sticks, and proudly offer to you the best honey sticks for sale anywhere.  The idea of putting honey into a plastictraw like tube and sealing the ends was a revolutionary one which forever changed the candy scene, and brought to people on the go the convenience of a quick honey snack without the mess.  Beneficial for athletes or anyone desiring an energy boost, honey sticks are just the ticket.  They are also wonderful to carry with you anyplace as they are easy to pack and are inconspicuous, providing you with a quick, delicious and healthy snack.  Best of all, they are the perfect substitute for refined, sugary candies when you want something sweet and flavorful to satisfy even your worst cravings.  Enjoy plain clover, or for more excitement try the flavored versions of honey sticks.  You are sure to find your favorite among the many varieties we offer.

Take honey sticks along to sweeten your coffee or tea while traveling.  Better than sugar, and handy in places where honey is not readily available, honey sticks are an easy way to prepare your beverage.

The benefits of honey to the skin have long been known and prized.  The idea of a milk and honey bath has been considered an indulgence for centuries.  Today you can enjoy these benefits with honey sticks!  Simply try adding a stick or two of your favorite flavor to your bath water.  The honey naturally helps soften skin, and the aromas awaken your senses.  For an invigorating experience, try adding lemon or lime.  If you’re in the mood for relaxation, try adding some peppermint to soothe your soul.

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